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Adrienne's knowledgeable and unfazed approach smoothed our anxious feathers and allowed the project to be completed without delay or mishap. We cannot speak too highly of Adrienne; her whole approach was refreshing, professional and inspired confidence.

Susan Mason, Mitchells Roberton Solicitors

They impressed us from the start with their in-depth knowledge and excellent project management. The data conversion was completed on schedule, with virtually no post-implementation issues, which underlined the quality of the work Legacy carried out for us.

Stephen Fleming, Gordons Solicitors

Legacy went above and beyond our expectations and ensured that we had the best possible data in the new system
Without Legacy's understanding and hard work on this project I am sure we would not be in such a prosperous situation.

Jamie Watson, Ramsdens Solicitors

Those responsible for the management of our data here felt that LSL spoke their language and understood their requirements. This made the ultimately successful conversion significantly less stressful that it would otherwise have been.

Duncan MacLean, Henderson Boyd Jackson W.S.

When you change systems your resources are put under pressure and we decided that it was sensible to delegate the responsibility for ensuring that this important aspect of the total project ran smoothly to people who are experts in this field.

Mark Price, Brachers

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