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  Business continuity and data retrieval

> The Issue

> The Solution

> The Methods

> The Benefits of
   Converting Data

> The Project

The Issue
You have upgraded your system but have an important application running on legacy hardware. The data held on the hardware is useful if not vital to your organisation but the historic system is now unsupported and is therefore vulnerable. You have probably invested a considerable amount of time and money upgrading and integrating your servers and systems that now run your critical business applications. When the historic system expires or if a disruption occurs how quickly will you be able to get it working again? Have you considered this risk in your Business Continuity Planning?

The Solution
Legacy Support offers you a series of bespoke solutions which will enable you to dispose of your old system. Using our solution will give you access to historic data on your PC through a desktop application. This application can be shared amongst users.

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The Methods
There are a number of options available:
  • All or parts of existing reports can be extracted and arranged and viewed in 'WordPad' or 'HTML'
  • If your file has less than 64,000 records the data can be converted into 'EXCEL' files
  • If you require to access data for manipulation or for larger files 'ACCESS' can be used
  • If desired a full SQL compliant database can be produced (e.g Informix, Sql Server, MySql, Sybase etc).

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The Benefits of Converting Data
The retrieval of historic data and conversion to an application accessed on your desk-top will benefit your organisation in a number of ways:

  • The risk that your data is lost is mitigated. An important consideration for business continuity planning
  • Current technology is used to research legacy data
  • Data analysis uses current tools
  • Data can be shared by users. There are no restrictions on the number of copies
  • Cost reduction as the legacy system is removed
  • No requirement to support the legacy system.

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The Project
Our process, which is compliant with Law Society Regulations on the storing of historical accounting records utilises our internally developed tools and techniques.

During the conversion process data remains on your historic system. Data is copied and downloaded onto our Legacy Support systems where a conversion process is run against it. While in our possession back-ups are taken and controls and procedures put in place to protect against any unauthorised access to your data.

Project completion time will vary depending on the size and complexity of your database. Working with you Legacy Support will assess your requirments and produce and agree with you a bespoke job specification and project plan. A fixed price will be agreed and provided to you in writing. The fee will cover all work involved with carrying out a successful transfer and re-presentation of your data.

Please contact us by e-mail or by telephoning 0131 478 9292 to discuss your project requirements

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